We donate 5% of every purchase to the LA Food Bank. Shipping is on us for ALL orders in the Continental US.
We donate 5% of every purchase to the LA Food Bank. Shipping is on us for ALL orders in the Continental US.
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About Us



Established in 2013 John & Mickie has always been a part of the Sustainability Conversation. There was nothing else to do but manufacture garments differently.  The tragedy at Rana Plaza and Andrew Morgan’s Documentary "The True Cost" about the rise of Fast Fashion and the impact of disposible clothing on our planet sealed the deal.

Early on we were then part of a the design collective called Factory LA.  All the designers proudly used the term Slow Fashion  to describe our wares. So wanting to be the polar opposite of fast fashion. We were born into this awareness and more importantly the movement had started.

Today it’s different. Most everyone is aware of the impact of garment manufacture on our planet.  Sustainablitily is now a word that we ALL understand and is a big part of the conversation. WONDERFUL!

Here is what we do to Keep it Sustainable:

We cut EVERYTHING to order. That means when we get an order for our clothes we cut only those clothes. We do that for our stores as well as our personal customers. We have no Inventory of clothing. That way we do not have extra clothes to go on sale or dispose of to other countries (who do not want them anymore) or worse put them in a landfill, a common practice believe it or not.  

We make our clothes out of washable fabrics. This is important to help keep the petro chemicals out of the water supply.

For the record ALL clothing is hand made. We also hand cut a lot of our clothes. That saves so much fabric that would end up in a landfill. We have lots and lots of quilter friends that make good use of our scraps too.

We make our clothes in Los Angeles. The only shipping involved is getting the clothes to you.

John & Mickie are my Mom and Dad. I named our company in thier honor for the gifts they gave me.  Not to mention the seed money they left Gary And I to start this business.

We are so very proud to be part of the conversation.


Loraine Ebbins